2021 Tobacco Road Event Information

The Game of Golf: traditions upheld, modernization respected, an ever-evolving journey for those who call themselves players. Those passionately inspired seek the next routing with sticks at the ready and a spirit of adventure set on go.

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Tobacco Road Golf, where The Game’s adventure meets the player’s spirit.


The Dyad II, March 5-7, 2021
The Dyad, a singular event in which a two-person team travels to undertake the experience of The Game’s adventure amid a field of similarly minded souls.

The Nexus, TBD
A call to the ambitious. A quest for the competitive spirit. For the amateur woman on her journey in The Game.

Home On The Range IV, May 22-24, 2021
From night golf to all the swings your game can muster, HOTR is a golf experience from dawn til dusk.

The Solstice II, June 21, 2021
Recreation in the pursuit of wellness. A day in The Game from sunrise to sunset.

The Augean IV, August 2, 2021
A formidable test of The Game undertaken by the players in pursuit of an adventurous challenge and exacting effort.